Wednesday, November 2, 2011

[KoW] The Crypt Kings Clan

I've always loved the concept of huge fantasy battles, but was never keen on the price associated with fielding such a large army. Enter: Mantic Games - lots of fantasy miniatures at great prices.

I bought both an Abyssal Dwarf Army Box and and Undead Army Box, with the intention of creating a fairly large combined Evil Army - however have only managed to work through my Abyssal Dwarf Army Box. Again, I hope to one day get back to starting on the Undead Army Box... I guess I'm a pretty hopeful person.

My Abyssal Dwarf Troops only need their basing done, and I still need to finish the Katsuchan Rocket Launcher, so hopefully I'll have time for that before my new 40K army arrives.
Anyways, this my Crypt Kings Clan page, where I'll post all the below information, as well as my future photos.

Sync out.

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