Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Impending Failure

So there has been growing interest in Warmachine and Hordes in my local area as of late, and with a beginners Warmachine/Hordes Event being run at my local gaming group on November 27th, the time to jump on the bandwagon was nigh!

Coinciding with this, my favorite webstore for all my toy soldier needs - Defiant Gaming - was having a special halloween sale. So the planets have now aligned and failure is imminent - my 40K army hasn't even arrived yet, and I've already ordered a Warmachine army. The stupid thing is, that both armies will arrive at the same time so I'll have to shelf one army, and because there is a Warmachine game day coming up, it looks like it'll be the 40K army I was so keen to get started on.

Until they do arrive, I'll still be finishing the basing on my Abyssal Dwarfs!
Sync out.

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