Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas in November...

Yesterday was like Christmas - I received two packages in the mail, both of which were full of toy soldiers!
First up I received the beginnings of my Warmachine army! The Cryx battle box and the Privateer Press Cryx paint set.
I decided to grab the paint set as I'm looking to replace my Citadel paints - most of which are dried out. I'm finding the Formula P3 paints easier to paint with though, and the colours did fill in some gaps that were missing from my palette.
I'm still expecting another mail order of Cryx to come, which will have enough units to bring my army up to 35 points. Based on Defiant Gaming's excellent service record, it should be here very shortly!

The second package I received was the 40K army I'd been waiting the 5-10 business days for delivery - which I'll be shelving for the moment to make sure I get my Warmachine army done in time.

Stay tuned for more Cryx action and WIP shots!
Sync out.

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