Friday, November 4, 2011

Crypt Kings - Berserkers 1

Alright, so even though my new Cryx arrived, it was only with an immense force of will I brought myself to spend one more night finishing off my Crypt Kings.

I had picked up a box of Avatars of War's Dwarf Berserkers long before I had even heard of Abyssal Dwarfs, just because the set looked awesome. I wasn't disappointed when I opened it up - it's an absolutely superb set, with heaps of bits and pieces to really customise your Berserkers.

Being a fan of the Gotrek and Felix series from the Black Library novels, I had to make some Abyssal style models of Gotrek and Snorri too!

Gotrek: middle, Snorri: right
Sync out.

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