Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chaos Space Marines Reborn

With the new colour scheme and army lists, I decided I needed to completely recreate my Chaos Space Marines army.
Here is the first unit of Chaos Space Marines, which I'll be proxying as Plague Marines. I mentioned earlier that I didn’t want to buy more models until I got my hands on the new codex, so the squad weapons don’t match my army lists – but that’s not really a problem, seeing as the guys at the club are really easy-going about proxying.

Another squad to go, the Chaos Daemon Prince, and my *new* army will be (legally) table-top ready!
Sync out.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chaos Dreadnought

The local club is holding another painting competition, and the category is Modern/Sci-Fi Vehicle/Warmachine.

I had initially entered the painting competition with my Forge Father Jotunn Hailstorm Cannon, but now that I'm painting through my Chaos Space Marines, I thought it would be better for me to enter something I plan on using on the table.
I've had this second-hand Chaos Dreadnought sitting around, waiting for some attention - so I'll be entering this model for the competition.

Here's my registration photo. The completed entry isn't due until August 23rd, which is still a while off. I plan on painting through the units for my planned army lists first, so that I have nice models to wage table-top warfare with - but then it'll be onto this bad boy.

Sync out.

In the Company of Daemons

As much as I love my Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer, I've got a new shiny to play with - a Chaos Daemon Prince that I can use to lead my Chaos Space Marines.

After acquiring this new addition to my Army List, I began doing some list building research and found that the combination of Daemon Prince and Plague Marines to be popular, so I came up with following first drafts (which I will no doubt tweak and modify while I build the army) 500 / 750 / 1000 lists to build up to:

500 Points
Daemon Prince (Wings, Mark of Slaanesh)
Plague Marines x7 (Meltagun, Meltagun)
Plague Marines x7 (Meltagun, Meltagun)

750 Points
Daemon Prince (Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Warptime)
Plague Marines x7 (Aspiring Champion, Power Weapon, Meltagun, Meltagun)
Plague Marines x7 (Aspiring Champion, Power Weapon, Meltagun, Meltagun)
Obliterator Cult x1
Obliterator Cult x1

1000 Points
Daemon Prince (Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission)
Plague Marines x7 (Aspiring Champion, Power Weapon, Meltagun, Meltagun)
Plague Marines x7 (Aspiring Champion, Power Weapon, Meltagun, Meltagun)
Plague Marines x7 (Aspiring Champion, Meltagun, Meltagun)
Obliterator Cult x1
Obliterator Cult x1
Obliterator Cult x1

With a new codex and starter set contents on the horizon I don't want to buy any more models, so these lists will involve a lot of proxying, which the guys at the local club are cool with :) I guess these lists and the army I build for them will be holding me over until the new Chaos Space Marine codex becomes available.

Fun times ahead!
Sync out.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Steps

With rumours of a new Chaos Space Marine Codex, as well as Chaos Space Marines being included as part of the upcoming Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Starter Set, I’m reluctant to buy more models.

40K 6th Edition Starter Set: Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines?
With this in mind, I made trip to Games Workshop in an attempt to fulfil my pledge and learn how to play WH40K. Before entering the store, I prepared myself for the inevitable hard-sell that would follow a demo game by going through some practiced responses in my mind. I steeled my resolve, and went in...
The store staff were friendly and attentive, and very happy to run my friend and I through a demo game of WH40k under the 6th Edition rules. The demo itself was great, going through the basics of gameplay using the store’s pre-painted AoBR set and Citadel terrain, which made for a fantastic little game. The staff answered my questions succinctly, and explained things very clearly – but the best thing was the enthusiasm and passion for the game that came through.

Following the game, and after explaining my situation (making it clear that I was reluctant to buy anything on the day), I braced myself for the sale pitch... “Well, I’ll just be around the store – let me know if you need anything or have any more questions.” And off he went.
I was shocked that he didn’t try to push through (what would have been) a painful and awkward sales pitch. After the shock wore-off, a pleasant calm came over me and I realised something - that the staffer was just a nice guy. I guess not all Games Workshop staff are the monsters I’d read about online. After walking around the store for a while checking out the models, I decided I’d purchase something at the eye-gouging Australian Games Workshop retail prices. I didn’t feel like I had gone back on my resolve though, because I didn’t feel like I was buying from Games Workshop, I felt like I was buying from the nice staffer that spent the last 1.5 hours taking my buddy and I through a demo game.

Anyways, that was my pleasant experience in a Games Workshop store, and I’ve now got a new Chaos Daemon Prince to lead my Chaos Space Marine Army!
Sync out.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chaos Space Marine Test Scheme

I know I said I wouldn't repaint the rest of Chaos Space Marines until a new codex came out, but I couldn't help myself! Looking at my new Chaos Sorcerer I had to give my troops the same treatment as well.
So this is the new colour scheme I came up with for my Chaos Space Marines. After painting this guy I immediately fell in love with the colour scheme, and decided that I'd paint the rest of the army like this too!

Sync out.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Chaos Sorcerer - Repainted

What started as a touch-up turned into an almost complete repaint. I'm quite happy with my new Chaos Sorcerer, and feel that he looks so much better than the the original colour scheme. My work on this guy has inspired me to repaint my current Chaos Space Marine army in light of 40k 6th Edition, but I'll wait until a new Chaos Space Marine codex is released before re-assembling and then repainting them.

Sync out.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Black March Rises...

With my pledge to learn the Warhammer 40k 6th Edition rules, and become a more active wargamer at my local club, it was time to dust off one of my armies and get some games under my belt.

With rumours that Chaos Space Marines will be getting a new codex soon, as well as being included as part of the 6th Edition Starter Box, I decided that I would get my Chaos Space Marines tabletop ready.
I've poured through my Chaos Space Marine codex and took some notes from the 6th Edition Rulebook and came up with this 750 point list, which was somewhat limited by the current models I have:

Chaos Sorcerer (Terminator Armour, Familiar, Mark of Slaanesh, Doombolt, Lash of Submission, Meltabombs)

10 Chaos Space Marines -  (Icon of Chaos Glory, Flamer, Meltagun)
10 Chaos Space Marines -  (Icon of Chaos Glory, Plasmagun, Heavy Bolter)

1 Obliterator Cult
1 Obliterator Cult
1 Obliterator Cult

I'll be proxying a few models as well - AU$38 for a single Chaos Obliterator has never been right with me...

I'd like to think that my painting ability has improved since I painted my Chaos Space Marines, so I'll be touching up my current units, and possibly adding more troops to bolster the ranks. I'll snap some photos of my 750 point army when it's done!

Sync out.