Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Black March Rises...

With my pledge to learn the Warhammer 40k 6th Edition rules, and become a more active wargamer at my local club, it was time to dust off one of my armies and get some games under my belt.

With rumours that Chaos Space Marines will be getting a new codex soon, as well as being included as part of the 6th Edition Starter Box, I decided that I would get my Chaos Space Marines tabletop ready.
I've poured through my Chaos Space Marine codex and took some notes from the 6th Edition Rulebook and came up with this 750 point list, which was somewhat limited by the current models I have:

Chaos Sorcerer (Terminator Armour, Familiar, Mark of Slaanesh, Doombolt, Lash of Submission, Meltabombs)

10 Chaos Space Marines -  (Icon of Chaos Glory, Flamer, Meltagun)
10 Chaos Space Marines -  (Icon of Chaos Glory, Plasmagun, Heavy Bolter)

1 Obliterator Cult
1 Obliterator Cult
1 Obliterator Cult

I'll be proxying a few models as well - AU$38 for a single Chaos Obliterator has never been right with me...

I'd like to think that my painting ability has improved since I painted my Chaos Space Marines, so I'll be touching up my current units, and possibly adding more troops to bolster the ranks. I'll snap some photos of my 750 point army when it's done!

Sync out. 

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