Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Steps

With rumours of a new Chaos Space Marine Codex, as well as Chaos Space Marines being included as part of the upcoming Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Starter Set, I’m reluctant to buy more models.

40K 6th Edition Starter Set: Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines?
With this in mind, I made trip to Games Workshop in an attempt to fulfil my pledge and learn how to play WH40K. Before entering the store, I prepared myself for the inevitable hard-sell that would follow a demo game by going through some practiced responses in my mind. I steeled my resolve, and went in...
The store staff were friendly and attentive, and very happy to run my friend and I through a demo game of WH40k under the 6th Edition rules. The demo itself was great, going through the basics of gameplay using the store’s pre-painted AoBR set and Citadel terrain, which made for a fantastic little game. The staff answered my questions succinctly, and explained things very clearly – but the best thing was the enthusiasm and passion for the game that came through.

Following the game, and after explaining my situation (making it clear that I was reluctant to buy anything on the day), I braced myself for the sale pitch... “Well, I’ll just be around the store – let me know if you need anything or have any more questions.” And off he went.
I was shocked that he didn’t try to push through (what would have been) a painful and awkward sales pitch. After the shock wore-off, a pleasant calm came over me and I realised something - that the staffer was just a nice guy. I guess not all Games Workshop staff are the monsters I’d read about online. After walking around the store for a while checking out the models, I decided I’d purchase something at the eye-gouging Australian Games Workshop retail prices. I didn’t feel like I had gone back on my resolve though, because I didn’t feel like I was buying from Games Workshop, I felt like I was buying from the nice staffer that spent the last 1.5 hours taking my buddy and I through a demo game.

Anyways, that was my pleasant experience in a Games Workshop store, and I’ve now got a new Chaos Daemon Prince to lead my Chaos Space Marine Army!
Sync out.

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