Friday, April 28, 2017

Deadzone Ready!

I backed the Deadzone v1 Kickstarter back in June of 2013, and it's taken me this long to finally paint some Deadzone models! 
I should point out that these aren't the models that came with my Strike Pledge (those models are still mocking me from my pile of shame), but part of the new Forge Father Starter Set that I picked up after Deadzone v2 was released - I couldn't resist sci-fi stunties!

When Deadzone v2 was released, Mantic Games was awesome enough to send everyone that backed Deadzone v1 a PDF copy of the rules, so I printed out the rules and sleeved them in a display book. 
Now, all I needed to play Deadzone v2 was the Command Dice and Token Set, which I picked up yesterday!
I have the very high quality Deluxe Gaming Mat, and have the awesome Deadzone terrain that came with my Strike Pledge all assembled (meaning to use them for MERCS), so I'm all set for Deadzone terrain!

Anyways, I'll post up some individual model photos of my 100 point Forge Father Strike Team soon - stay tuned!

Sync out.