Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mercenaries - Reinholdt

This little guy is awesome. For 1 point, he lets Durgen fire off his wicked Buster one more time (ignoring the Buster's ROF of 1). More AOE mayhem from Durgen Madhammer is never a bad thing!

Sync out.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Back 2 Base-ix Paint Rack Review

Last night, the replacement parts for my Back 2 Base-ix Paint Rack arrived! The original shipment arrived heavily damaged, but Back 2 Base-ix's brilliant customer service prevailed and I've now got my completed Paint Rack, and I couldn't be happier with the product. Totally worth the wait!

That's product, and I paid AU$55 including postage. There are a bunch of reviews online available already, all of which have been positive (which lead me to my purchase), and this will be more of the same. If you need a paint storage solution, look no further!

The acrylic pieces come with a peel-off protective coating on both sides (to protect from scratching), which is little tricky to get off if you keep your fingernails short - but the wife and I managed to get them peeled and ready for assembly in 10 minutes.

Now, it was just a simple (and somewhat fun) assembly process, following the instructional videos that Back 2 Base-ix provides. The videos are VERY clear and concise, and they build the product in real-time. The music is quite soothing as well, which rounds off the whole construction experience.
The design of the product is brilliant, considering all the pieces are flat-packed sheets of acrylic.

After about 15 minutes (18 minutes if you include receiving a phone call from Mom) my Paint Rack was complete! Sturdy, functional and stylish. It's the pride of my desk, and I've been glowing everytime I look over at it.
No more rummaging around a drawer for my paints like a chump!

Oh, when I purchased the product, there were options for different styles of paint pot - I prefer painting with the Formula P3 paints, but there are also options for your Paint Rack to fit Citadel, Vallejo and other major paint ranges. You also had the choice of different colours for your acrylic pieces too - I chose clear shelves, with a dark grey translucent chassis (although in the photos it comes out looking black).

I think that's all there is to say really - a fantastic product, from a customer-driven company. I couldn't recommend this product more - if you need a paint pot storage solution, grab one of these bad boys (or another stylish variant from their wide range) today! This was actually a birthday present from my two awesome brothers, so of course a special thank you to them!

Sync out.

Mercenaries - Ghordson Basher

It was only when I got to assembling this model that I realised it had a head - for the life of me I don't understand why the house model used by Privateer Press has the head tucked really low, which makes the model look like it's got it's ass up in the air.
Anyways, this is another favorite model from the Mercenaries line, so I had to have it in my army! I'm slowly getting all the photos up, and there are plenty more to come so stick around.

Sync out.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mercenaries - Grundback Gunners

And here are my Grundback Gunners, or as they are more affectionately known 'Gun Bunnies'. I think these models are awesome - super cute, yet deadly.
I wish it was feasible to field a whole army of these dudes - they're awesome! I might look at adding one more to my army list for a trio!

Sync out.