[KoW] The Crypt Kings Clan

The Crypt Kings are an Evil Army for Kings of War, combining units from the Abyssal Dwarf Army List and the Undead Army List.  It's roughly 1750 points with 190+ models, and includes various points options like Standard Bearer, Musician etc.

So far I've only gotten through the Abyssal Dwarf Army Box. Below are the units I plan on finishing up - the units listed in grey are models I have acquired and hope to get around to finishing one day.

Thane Hellfist - Abyssal Dwarf King (assembled, primed)
Cryptcaller Smythe - Undead Necromancer (assembled, primed)
Ghorr Bloodhoof - Abyssal Half-breed Lord (assembled, primed)


Abyssal Dwarf Immortal Guard (10)

Abyssal Dwarf Berserkers 1 (10)

Abyssal Dwarf Berserkers 2 (10)


Abyssal Dwarf Blacksouls (20)

Abyssal Dwarf Decimators (10)

Abyssal Dwarf Orc Slaves (20)

Undead Revenant Regiment (20) (in box, on sprue)
Undead Skeleton Regiment (20) (in box, on sprue)
Undead Skeleton Regiment (20) (in box, on sprue)
Undead Ghouls (20) (in box, on sprue)
Undead Zombies (15) (in box, on sprue)
Undead Zombies (15) (in box, on sprue)



The Crypt Kings Clan are a small but sinister faction of Abyssal Dwarfs, making their home in the underground depths of the Brimstone Catacombs. Ruled by their greed, they are marauding tomb robbers and treasure hunters, and possess the most powerful guild of Dwarf necromancers in the Abyss.
The Halls of the Brimstone Catacombs
They seek the buried wealth of civilisations past, and the treasures of other holds, slaughtering any in their way... then taking their fallen enemies as undead minions for their own ranks. Bolstering their armies with slaves and the undead, the Crypt Kings move from place to place, desecrating sacred sites for their treasures and pillaging whatever bounty is to be had. Those that aren't killed in their murderous onslaught are taken as slaves. Those granted death are resurrected to join their ranks as undead.
Pit of Rebirth
The Crypt Kings have never strayed far from their lands, but with Hellfist's ascension to the throne, the army marches to Valhallen - the greatest and most properous of the Dwarf cities...

Thane Hellfist
Thane of the Crypt Kings Clan, Hellfist leads the clans army as the most ruthless and ambitious ruler the Crypt Kings have ever known. From the underground fortress citadel of Grimforge at the heart of the Brimstone Catacombs, Hellfist has brought his forces to arms, and will stop at nothing to expand his realm.
The Brimstone Catacombs are second only in size to the dwarven city-state of Valhallen, and with the continued Darkening of the world more dwarfs flock to Hellfist's banner with the promise of  glory and gold.
Armoured with the mightiest of dwarven technologies, and drawing magical strength from the Darkening of the Abyss, Hellfist leads his marches through Valhallen - leaving only death, destruction and ashes in his wake.

Cryptcaller Smythe
Master of the Deathspeaker Guild and Supreme Advisor to the king, Smythe's gold lust knows no bound. Acquiring power, both magical and political, is merely a means to increasing his wealth and estate. A gifted necromancer, his drive for wealth forces Smythe to further his dark power, with his natural cunning earning him a place as master of the most powerful guild of Dwarven necromancers of the Abyss - and position as the King's trusted council.
The ability of himself and his Deathspeakers are the foundation of the Crypt Kings, who bolster their forces with undead servants and slaves from conquered armies.
Ghorr seeks only battle and carnage. As Lieutenant to the King's armies, Ghorr's bloodlust is sated by the King's march on the lands of the world.

Ghorr Bloodhoof
His lack of tactical intelligence brought Ghorr to earning his military position through sheer brute strength and skill in mortal combat. Ghorr is a figurehead, and his position at the head of the charge inspires the warriors of the Crypt Kings Clan to feats of bravery and savagery. Hellfist knows he only need point Ghorr towards an enemy, and the Half-breed will unleash his fury on anyone in his path - followed by the emboldened warriors of the army.