[KoW] The Blightwood Legion

The goblin legions of Blightwood are on the march, rousing from their drug-addled delirium in an unprecedented campaign against the surrounding lands. Usually content within their dark, twisted homeland of Blightwood, the corrupt goblins have been stirred into an aggression, never before seen from their clans.

Hailing from the infamous dark forest of Blightwood, the goblin horde sustains itself on a diet of the vile undergrowth that takes root under the shadowy canopy of gnarled and twisted trees.
Only the most wicked fungi and vilest weeds can be found in Blightwood, and it is from these corrupt plants that the Blighted Legion derive their sustenance. The goblins consume only the narcotic by-products of these corrupt plants, and have long since adapted to the mind-altered state induced by their drug-only diet.
They permanently exist in a state of heightened sensitivity, extreme aggression and constant paranoia - though they occasionally experience bouts of lethargic stupor.
Note: these 'bouts of lethargic stupor' represent the 'Yellow-bellied' rule in game play.

It is unclear what has provoked the encroachment of the Blighted Legion into the surrounding lands -  but where they march, only desolation and destruction can be left in their wake.

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