Friday, November 22, 2013

Malifaux 2e - Masters of the Path

Here's my order from Underground Wargames - I decided to jump into Malifaux 2e with the Masters of the Path!  I understand that these models were released during 1.5e, but the sculpts are fantastic and consistent with the style of the new plastics, so I just couldn't resist - Asian Necromancer Zombies? Yes please!
I guess I'll have to pick up the Ten Thunders Wave 2 Arsenal pack when it's released, but that's a small price to pay to have my toys now! In the mean time I have plenty of Malifaux hobbying to keep me busy.

Sync out.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Twist of Fate

With Malifaux v2 upon us, and Wyrd's regular releases of their new plastic Malifaux models, it was getting harder and harder for me not to pick up another crew. I already have some Guild models painted up, but they've never even seen the tabletop, so I wasn't sure that I would be able to justify purchasing another crew just to paint up.
And then fate smiled upon me - my wife begged and pleaded with me to let her buy some girly crap (shoes, bags, clothes whatever), to which I reluctantly agreed - on the condition I get an equal amount of pocket money to spend on awesome toy soldiers. Well, that was that - I was off to Underground Wargames for another purchase!

But where does someone start in the world of Malifaux? The game seems to be in a transitional state between editions - which models are current and won't be phased out in a few months time? I don't fancy the idea of spending my little hobby funds and extremely limited hobbying time on models that would be updated in the near future...
Well, after a lengthy correspondence with Underground Wargames via Facebook (it was actually 28 private messages over the course of a day) I had the information I needed to make my initial crew purchase, with a few extra models to bolster the crew as well.

So which crew did I pick up? Well, after some speedy next day delivery from the guys at Underground Wargames, my package is waiting for me at home right now (I know because I received the tracking email!) and I'll take some snaps when I get home tonight and post up in the morning! So stay tuned, more Malifaux 2E action to come!

Sync out.

CNC Miniatures Scenery Sci-Fi Walls - Review

Alright, so I've got the buildings and barricades for my Infinity table sorted out - now for some LOS breaking walls. There aren't many options for full LOS blocking walls on the market, but I couldn't go past CNC Miniature Scenery and their Sci-Fi Walls. So it was off to Underground Wargames to sort me out with more Infinity Terrain!

Available individually and in packs of three, the walls have a very distinct sci-fi look to them consistent to the sci-fi style of the CNC Miniatures products.


The set of three comes flat-packed and wrapped in cling wrap

Here is a 'sprue' for one of the walls

And here are all the pieces punched out from the sprue


The pillars and wall panels assembled - quite straight forward

After a lot of deliberation, I decided on the following designs for my three walls

Close-up of the details on the wall panel

And the other side...

With some 28mm miniatures for scale

  • Assembly is relatively easy, given the amount of detail on the pieces - which is very consistent with the style of the other sci-fi products in the CNC Miniatures range
  • Each wall provides quite a lot of solid cover, with the option to leave the windows in to completely block LOS
  • Save a little bit of cash and grab the three pack! At around AUD$10 per wall, I'd say the three-pack set is a very good deal
  • Each wall has a good weight to it, so it won't get knocked down easily on the tabletop
This product is a fantastic option for a solid looking sci-fi walls - Thumbs up from me :)

Sync out.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bandua Wargames Q-Buildings Pack - Review

I’ve now got the Bandua Wargames Q-Building Set assembled, so this will be a continuation of the unboxing post I put up earlier.
Overall, the buildings were very easy to assemble. After I had watched the assembly video during my unboxing (all of Bandua's assembly videos for the Alpha Series can be found here) all the buildings followed the same assembly format, so I didn't need to refer to any assembly instructions to put the other buildings together.
The pieces all slot together smoothly and the joins between each piece are quite snug, and after a bit of PVA are very secure.

Here is the completed set, with some 28mm miniatures for scale

A close-up of the doors, which fit into their tight in their frames and don't fall out

Here are the buildings stacked on top of each other to make a three story structure

My only gripe is that the L Building, once stacked on the XL Building,
has a door leading to nowhere. In this photo I've taken the doors out to
emphasise the design flaw

The L Building stored inside the XL Building

The S Building stored in the L Building, which is still inside the XL Building


Overall I'm very happy with the product, and I'm very glad I picked up two other sets to fill out my Infinity table with.
  • The simplistic design elements of the buildings made for quick and easy assembly, and the basic geometric shapes of the buildings will make determining LOS/LOF during play very straight forward.
  • Apart from 'the door to nowhere' created by stacking the L Building on the XL Building (which I won't be doing for my tables!) the stacking works quite well - I can still stack the S Building on the L Building or the XL Building, giving me a bit more variety in my tabletops
  • Storage for the pieces is great, and works as I had expected from videos and reviews I had seen online
The major complaint I read online about this set is that the buildings were quite plain, which I do agree with. But given my preference for simple, geometric and functional terrain, I actually see this a positive feature. I like my terrain to have clear-cut corners - Infinity has enough surprises with AD Jump Troops and TO Camo models that the last thing I need to hear is "Oh, actually this Total Reaction Spitfire guy has LOF on that order".
If you don't mind the simple design, then I'd highly recommend this set.

Sync out.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Warsenal Barricades - Unboxing

Earlier in the year, a friend of mine was doing an order from Warsenal, for their awesome Infinity Templates. I took the opportunity to order up five sets of their Barricades to add to my terrain collection.

At USD$3 for the set of four walls, I couldn't resist! I thought they would make a great-looking, cheap option for cover.


The sets come in a snap-seal plastic bag, which seems pretty standard for MDF terrain these days.

Here are the contents of each set. Two long walls, two short walls and six stands.

And here they are assembled, which took the better part of one minute to snap the stands to the walls. The snap fits aren't very snug, so I'll need to glue them together for the pieces to be solid.

And here is a shot for scale against a 28mm miniature for scale.


I really like these pieces of terrain - simple to assemble, cheap and look great on a sci-fi table. Not really much more to say, but here are some thoughts:
  • At USD$3 for four walls they are very well priced, and a solid option for some table filler terrain
  • The designs, while basic, will fit in with many other ranges of MDF terrain available
  • It would be nice if the stands 'snap-fit' snuggly into the wall pieces so that I didn't have to get the glue out, but that comment probably speaks more to my laziness than any fault in the product
I've decided not to follow up this Unboxing Post with a Review, simply because there isn't much more to say - it's simple, functional and great looking sci-fi terrain.

Sync out.