Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Warsenal Barricades - Unboxing

Earlier in the year, a friend of mine was doing an order from Warsenal, for their awesome Infinity Templates. I took the opportunity to order up five sets of their Barricades to add to my terrain collection.

At USD$3 for the set of four walls, I couldn't resist! I thought they would make a great-looking, cheap option for cover.


The sets come in a snap-seal plastic bag, which seems pretty standard for MDF terrain these days.

Here are the contents of each set. Two long walls, two short walls and six stands.

And here they are assembled, which took the better part of one minute to snap the stands to the walls. The snap fits aren't very snug, so I'll need to glue them together for the pieces to be solid.

And here is a shot for scale against a 28mm miniature for scale.


I really like these pieces of terrain - simple to assemble, cheap and look great on a sci-fi table. Not really much more to say, but here are some thoughts:
  • At USD$3 for four walls they are very well priced, and a solid option for some table filler terrain
  • The designs, while basic, will fit in with many other ranges of MDF terrain available
  • It would be nice if the stands 'snap-fit' snuggly into the wall pieces so that I didn't have to get the glue out, but that comment probably speaks more to my laziness than any fault in the product
I've decided not to follow up this Unboxing Post with a Review, simply because there isn't much more to say - it's simple, functional and great looking sci-fi terrain.

Sync out.


  1. The problem with making them a tighter fit is that mdf has a habit of absorbing atmospheric moisture and swelling. So what is a tight fit for one, would be a "why doesn't this %^W^%&^ go together?" for someone else.

    1. Thanks for the insight, I hadn't considered that!

      You've also managed to confirm that my previous statement does in fact highlight my laziness, and no fault in the product itself :P