Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bandua Wargames Q-Buildings Pack - Unboxing

I recently picked up three sets of the Q-Buildings Pack (for a total of nine buildings) from Bandua Wargames official Designed for Infinity Alpha Series.

What initially attracted me to the product was the way the individual buildings could be stacked on top of each other, giving the option for multi-storied buildings, and the way that the buildings could be stacked into each other for easy storage.

After a few months of being unable to track down the product in Australia, I discovered Slave to Painting, and put an order through for three of the Q Building Sets. So let's get to the unboxing!


The Q-Buildings Pack comes in a sealed plastic bag.

Opening the bag I find two smaller bags (which have the Q-Building S and Q-Building L), the parts for the Q-building XL, and a sheet of paper.

On closer inspection, the paper doesn't have any instructions, just the contents of the set. After a quick online search, I found that Bandua Wargames have provided some great assembly videos on their website. Here's the one I looked at for the Q-Building S

So I get to work on the Q-Building S, laying out all the pieces to ensure everything is there, and to make it easier to find everything during assembly (this is what I do for IKEA furniture as well).

After about 5 minutes, referring to the online assembly video, I had the pieces dry-fit together. I hadn't used any glue at this stage, just to ensure I got the assembly right and that the pieces fit together as shown on the video.

Here's a photo with a 28mm miniature for scale. It would have been better if I used an Infinity model, but we're currently moving house and my Infinity models are in one of the many unlabelled boxes somewhere.

Here are some close up shots of the detailing on the MDF.


I'll post up a full review of the product after I've got all the whole Q-Buildings set assembled, but for now here are a few thoughts after unboxing and playing around with the product:
  • Online assembly videos are awesome, and I found them much better than following instructions on a piece of paper
  • I think the detailing on the MDF is quite good, but I guess this is subjective. I prefer simple looking terrain for Infinity, to make LOF issues easier to resolve and to keep the focus on the beautiful Infinity models
  • The plastic bag packaging seems a bit flimsy, but I guess as long as the order comes boxed it shouldn't be an issue. I had three sets in a single order, so that was sent together in a box
So that's the unboxing done - so far I'm quite happy with the product but I'll do a full review of the Q-Buildings set once I've got all the buildings glued and assembled. I'm keen to see how they stack on top of each other, and how they go stacking into each other too.

Sync out.

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