Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Malifaux - Guild Austringer

Oh, and here's the Austringer I finished last night too! He seems to be a useful minion, and works with well with most Guild Masters - according to PullMyFinger anyways! Can't wait to get these guys on the table!

Sync out.

Malifaux - Guild Gunslingers Crew

And my Malifaux binge continues! I finished up the Gunslingers last night, am I'm ready to hit the LGS tonight for some Malifaux action! Hopefully the rulebook that I ordered in is there waiting for me when I get there too! The free online PDF rules are great, but I do prefer reading from a book in my hand.

The Guild Gunslingers Crew (click to enlarge the photos!)
Perdita Ortega
Francisco Ortega
Santiago Ortega
Nino Ortega
Papa Loco
Sync out.