Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dreadball Veer-myn

And here's the last sample batch from my Dreadball Kickstarter Striker pledge - the Veer-myn. Yellow is SUCH a pain to paint, though now it should be clear what I was going for with my four Dreadball teams - a blue, red, green and yellow team.
I think the colour choices suit each of the teams pretty well, and I'll finish off the rest of the teams in March when Mantic get around to sending out the alternate model poses/variants promised as a Kickstarter stretch goal.

Sync out.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Dreadball Marauder

I swore that I would paint each of the Kickstarter Striker Dreadball teams before starting on my new Malifaux models - so here are the Marauders!
So what I've been doing is painting what I call a 'sample' from each of the Dreadball teams - that is, one of each model variant provided in my Kickstarter pledge.
Apparently come March, Mantic will be sending out model variants for each of the four teams I received in my Kickstarter Striker pledge. So once I receive those, I'll decide which of the models I like best from each team, and paint up the full teams of eight models then. One of the benefits of not having any opponents to play against, is that I'm not in any rush to get the teams painted!

Sync out.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Getting Some Guild On

Last night I had the pleasure of being able to watch a game of Malifaux at the new LGS (Good Games CDB!) with two friendly and enthusiastic Malifaux veterans.
Now, I had read battle reports and watched videos on Youtube, but I guess the photos, descriptions and videos can only capture so much of the experience - because I enjoyed that game WAY more than I should have! I wasn't even playing!
My initial thoughts on the game was how unique the set-up was and how narrative-driven the games were. Choosing your list after the Scenario is determined, and combining Scenarios and Schemes really adds a unique story element to the game, which I haven't really experienced before - and enjoyed tremendously.

So of course today, I headed straight back to the LGS and grabbed up another crew to add to my Guild - The Gunslingers (pictured above, sitting on my desk) as well as the Austringer, though he's not pictured above.
Having only recently opened, the LGS was a little understocked, and being the overeager beaver I am, I jumped online and ordered the rest of my Guild forces from the good people at Defiant Gaming.

Lots more Malifaux to come!
Sync out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dreadball Corporation

After painting up the Dreadball Forgefather figures, I needed to paint up another team just so that my Forgefathers would have someone to play against.
I picked painting the Corporation team because they had the same units (Striker, Jack and Guard), so now I can play some little 3v3 practice games to get a hang of Dreadball.

After painting these fantastic miniatures from my Dreadball Kickstarter set, I now have to at least paint some of the Marauder and Veer-myn models as well. I have to. There's no choice about it. Stay tuned!

Sync out.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Malifaux - Guild Death Marshals Crew

In the last fortnight, a new LGS (Good Games Sydney CBD!) has opened up and I've been patiently waiting to see if a wargaming group would develop there. It looks like it has, and the primary games that they'll be playing are 40K, WHFB and Malifaux.
Being a big fan of skirmish games, this was my excuse to finally paint up an old Malifaux Starter Box I had lying around. I got these guys done fairly quickly, and now they're ready to take to the table-top!

The Guild Death Marshals Crew (click to enlarge the photos!)
Lady Justice
Death Marshals

Now I just need to learn the rules...
Sync out.