Friday, February 8, 2013

Dreadball Marauder

I swore that I would paint each of the Kickstarter Striker Dreadball teams before starting on my new Malifaux models - so here are the Marauders!
So what I've been doing is painting what I call a 'sample' from each of the Dreadball teams - that is, one of each model variant provided in my Kickstarter pledge.
Apparently come March, Mantic will be sending out model variants for each of the four teams I received in my Kickstarter Striker pledge. So once I receive those, I'll decide which of the models I like best from each team, and paint up the full teams of eight models then. One of the benefits of not having any opponents to play against, is that I'm not in any rush to get the teams painted!

Sync out.

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