Friday, December 9, 2011

Khador - Battlegroup Achievement!

With the completion of my second Warmachine Battlegroup, I'm actually finding myself a little burnt out, and my motivation to paint my models is dwindling. 
I've decided that I'm going to start work on the some terrain projects to break things up a little - maybe paint models during the week, and spend weekends experimenting with terrain projects. That seems like a good hobbying balance.

I'm quite happy with how the Battlegroup looks as a whole, and the original doubts I had about the alternate Khador colour scheme are completely gone after seeing them together.
The next increment for my Khador is completing the Widowmakers to bring the force up to 15-points - stay tuned!

Sync out. 

Khador - Sorscha

And with Sorscha done, that completes my Khador Battlegroup! I've taken some group shots which I'll post shortly.
Had a blast wet-blending on her cloak, and while the transitions between the highlighted areas and recesses aren't as smooth as I'd like, I'm happy with the model overall.

Khador Battlegroup photos up shortly!

Sync out.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Khador - Juggernaut

I really love the look of the Juggernauts Ice Axe - a portion bigger than the Destroyers, but the shape and style of it really appeals to me.
The colour scheme is really growing on me - at first I just wanted to have an alternate colour scheme to the standard Khador colours to make my army a little more unique, but the more I look at the colour scheme the more I like it.

Well, with these two 'jacks done, it's just the warcaster Sorscha to go and then I'll have the Khador Battlegroup ready for the table!

Sync out.

Battle: Battlebox - Cryx vs. Searforge

Both warcasters shield themselves with their light 'jacks and advance, with the heavy jacks storming down the left flanks.
The Searforge make a critical error, marching the Grundback Gunners in the front line.

The Cryx strike first, with the Slayer and Deathrippers charging the Grundback Gunners - the Slayer destroying his target.
The Searforge's return blows aren't enough to destroy any of the advancing Cryx 'jacks.

The Cryx are able to finish off another Gunner, before Ghordson uses his feat - Landslide, pushing all of the Cryx forces back, crippling their speed.

Deneghra responds by casting her feat, The Withering, and also managing to successfully cast Crippling Grasp on Ghordson.
The Slayer attempted to charge Ghordson, and with The Withering and Crippling Grasp in effect, the charge would surely kill the Searforge warcaster - alas, his charge came up short due to Landslide's speed reduction.
The Defilers managed to charge the remaining Gunner and Driller, but weren't able to destroy them.
The Driller then destroyed a Deathripper. Ghordson, in a hail mary, charged the Slayer - but didn't manage to disable it's weapons.
The final turn saw the Defiler engage the Driller in melee - purely to shield Denehgra.
The Slayer then ended Ghordson with powerful boosted rolls, coupled with Crippling Grasp, and the game went to Cryx.
Sync out.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Khador - Destroyer

I initially attempted some wet-blends, but found it really difficult to get them looking right on the large flat areas of armour. I ended up just painting a clean basecoat with some washes before giving the light-khaki a dry-brush with white.

Still - I think the model turned out alright, and I'll be using this colour scheme for the rest of my Khador.
Oh, I also found some backgrounds for my photos somewhere online (can't remember where!), and after having a look at the resulting photos, I think they definitely help make the photos a little more exciting than the plain white backgrounds I had before.

Sync out.

Battle: Battlebox - Cryx vs Menoth

This is my first ever game against another member of our Journeyman League. Had a great time and made a LOT of mistakes - but that's how you learn!

The Menoth stand in a loose formation with Kreoss on the rear.
The Cyrx begin with Deneghra behind a wall of Bonejacks, leaving the Slayer to reap his bloody harvest.

The resulting melee saw the Revenger use his Reach weapon and Shield to destroy a Deathripper, while the Slayer's hail of blows weren't enough to destroy the Repenter.
Only at the end of the match did we realise that only the Revenger's Halberd had Reach, and the Shield shouldn't have been able to damage the Deathripper as it was beyond the standard 0.5' melee range.

At this point, I used Deneghra's feat then totally forgot about it and made the terrible mistake of not applying the effects of The Withering to ANY models, combats or resulting rolls.
Kreoss used his feat, and knocked down all the Cryx down. The Slayer was able to stand and continue to wreak havoc, however with their Cortex' disabled the Bonejacks were unable to stand.
Kreoss casts Lamentation, making all of Deneghra's spells cost twice as much to cast.
After finishing off the Repenter, the Slayer was destroyed, as well as the second Deathripper. The Menoth 'jacks rounded on Deneghra, but before they could engage her in melee, two shots from her Venom spell on Kreoss brought him down to a single hit point - and at the start of the Menoth's final turn, corrosion finished him off.

A sneaky win for the Cryx!

Few mistakes and lessons learned on my part:
  • I cast my Feat, but didn't apply the effects. For a Feat like The Withering, where it affects multiple enemy stats for an entire round, I'll remember to leave the card right in the middle of the table - just so I remember the effect is in play!
  • Just because one weapon a unit has has Reach, it doesn't mean all the units weapons Reach!
  • Kreoss' Feat is quite effective, and his Lamentation spell makes things really difficult. Not sure how to counter these, so it looks like I just have to weather the effects.
  • PROTECT YOUR WARCASTER! I kept Deneghra safely behind the bonejacks at all times, and Kreoss was well protected for most of the game. For the few turns that the Menoth 'jacks were distracted ripping apart my 'jacks, Kreoss was left exposed and I managed some sneaky pot shots at him which won me the game!
Sync out.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Size Comparison

Size Comparison - click to enlarge
While I had the camera out, I thought I'd snap a photo comparing some of the Privateer Press models and Games Workshop models.

The Khador 'jacks are a little bigger than the Cryx Slayer - the huge fists and Ice Axe help add to the bulk of the Khador 'jack though.
The 'jacks are a little taller than the Dreadnought, though the Dreadnought is wider. The Dreadnought has a much more solid look to it - and in comparison, the 'jacks almost seem humanoid.
The characters in the Privateer Press range are a little slimmer and a bit more of a realistic scale - but compared to the super-human Space Marines, I guess anything would seem slim!

Sync out.

Khador - Battle Set Assembled

I mentioned earlier that I received the Warmachine Two Player Battle Set as a gift - and today I was finally allowed to open it! The whole kit is fantastic - mini-rulebook, introduction pamphlet, quick-start rules, dice, ruler and two small playable Khador and Menoth forces.

I immediately got to work on the Khador side of things - not sure why, but they just appeal to me more than the Menoth at this stage. I spent what spare time I had over the weekend trimming, assembling, basing and undercoating the Khador.

Sync out.