Thursday, December 8, 2011

Battle: Battlebox - Cryx vs. Searforge

Both warcasters shield themselves with their light 'jacks and advance, with the heavy jacks storming down the left flanks.
The Searforge make a critical error, marching the Grundback Gunners in the front line.

The Cryx strike first, with the Slayer and Deathrippers charging the Grundback Gunners - the Slayer destroying his target.
The Searforge's return blows aren't enough to destroy any of the advancing Cryx 'jacks.

The Cryx are able to finish off another Gunner, before Ghordson uses his feat - Landslide, pushing all of the Cryx forces back, crippling their speed.

Deneghra responds by casting her feat, The Withering, and also managing to successfully cast Crippling Grasp on Ghordson.
The Slayer attempted to charge Ghordson, and with The Withering and Crippling Grasp in effect, the charge would surely kill the Searforge warcaster - alas, his charge came up short due to Landslide's speed reduction.
The Defilers managed to charge the remaining Gunner and Driller, but weren't able to destroy them.
The Driller then destroyed a Deathripper. Ghordson, in a hail mary, charged the Slayer - but didn't manage to disable it's weapons.
The final turn saw the Defiler engage the Driller in melee - purely to shield Denehgra.
The Slayer then ended Ghordson with powerful boosted rolls, coupled with Crippling Grasp, and the game went to Cryx.
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