Friday, December 2, 2011

Cryx - 35 point Achievement!

Here is my final 35-point Cryx army for our Journeyman League.
Well, technically it's only 33 points - I'm still undecided on what to do about my second Warwitch Siren model. Until I decide, I'll just be proxying my unpainted Eiryss model - so again if anyone has a good suggestion for a Warwitch Siren model proxy (different to the one I already have) let me know :)

Well, I've finished my Cryx army just in time for my wedding anniversary, which means tomorrow I'll be opening my anniversary present - the Warmachine Two Player Battle Set! Then I'll be starting work on my second Warmachine faction - Khador!

Sync out.

Cryx - Bane Lord Tartarus

This guy is bad-ass. The model itself is much bigger than a regular model, and stands on a 40mm base. His weapon, helm and ornate armour look awesome, and combined with his combat stance all contribute to his overall bad-ass demeanour.
Someone on the Privateer Press forums has actually pointed out that my Skarlock (on a 30mm base) wouldn't make a good Machine Wraith proxy (on a 40mm base) for my 15-point Cryx force - so I'll probably be using Bane Lord Tartarus as a Machine Wraith for 15-point games too!

Sync out.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cryx - Warwitch Siren

The Warwitch Siren is a fantastic model - very dynamic and elegant. Fun to paint too, with a nice cloak to practice my wet-blending on.
After painting this model, I've decided to hold off on painting Eiryss as my second Warwitch proxy. I am now  trying to decide whether or not just to buy another Warwitch Siren model - maybe with an alternate paint scheme.

Sync out.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cryx - Bane Lord, Warwitch & Eiryss WIP

The last three models I need to paint for my 35 point Cryx army, assembled and undercoated - Bane Lord Tartarus, Warwitch Siren and Eiryss!

I wasn't too keen on having two identical solo models, and I already had Eiryss lying around unused, so I thought that she'd be a good proxy for a second Warwitch.  If anyone can suggest another more appropriate Warwitch Siren model proxy, let me know!

So my first Warmachine army is nearly complete, and ready to take to the table-top to claim glory in the name of the Dragonfather!

Sync out.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cryx - 25 Point Achievement!

So here's my force at the 25-point achievement mark! The Battlebox plus the max Bane Thrall unit with Officer and Standard bring the army up to an even 25 points.
The last couple of models will bring the force to the final 35-point mark - Bane Lord Tartarus and the Warwitch Siren still need to get paint on them, while the Skarlock was completed as a proxy for a Machine Wraith at 15 points. I also need to paint up another model to proxy as a second Warwitch - stay tuned!

Sync out.

Cryx - Bane Thralls Unit

Here is the group shot of my max Bane Thrall unit, with Officer and Standard Bearer. They do look intimating and menacing as warriors, plated in heavy armour and carrying huge weapons - and spikes on their backs for good measure. Can't wait to tear across the battlefield with these guys!

Sync out.

Cryx - Bane Thalls Officer & Standard

The last two models complete to bring my Cryx army up to the 25-point achievement! The Officer is pretty cool, having an extra weapon and more ornate armour to distinguish him from the grunts. I'm not quite sure about the colours used on the unit standard, I'll sleep on it and see if how it looks in the morning.

I've snapped some group shots, so I'll post them up shortly.
Sync out.

Cryx - Bane Thralls (Max)

Knocked out the last four grunts in a furious frenzy of batch painting on Saturday morning! So that's the max unit of Bane Thalls done, looking quite menancing in formation.
More Bane Thrall action to come, with the Officer and Standard Bearer to round off the unit. Oh, and Bane Lord Tartarus too!

Sync out.