Sunday, November 6, 2011

[WM] Cryx - Escalating Army Lists

Now that I have all my Cryx models, I have to decide what order I'll paint them in. There is talk of a Journeyman League starting up at the local club, so I'll need to write list for the following point levels - 15 points, 25 points and 35 points, all of which need to include and build up from the battlebox.

Here are the point levels for the Cryx battlebox, which totals 14 points:
  • pDeneghra (-5)
  • Deathripper (4)
  • Deathripper (4)
  • Defiler (5)
  • Slayer (6)
To get to 15 points I'll need to add a 1 point unit, which I'll probably proxy with another Cryx model I have (I don't think it's worth buying another model I don't plan on using in later lists):
  • Machine Wraith (1)
For my 25 point list, I'll drop the above Machine Wraith and paint a unit and their command group:
  • Bane Thralls - Leader + 9 Grunts (8)
  • Bane Thralls - Command Group (3)
And finally, I'll add the solos to the army to make a 35 point list:
  • Bane Lord Tartarus (4)
  • Skarlock (2)
  • Warwitch Siren (2)
  • Warwitch Siren (2)

Alright, that's the plan! I'm sure at some point I'll take a break from this project to start on my shelved 40K army, but at least now I know what order I'll be painting these guys. 
After writing this, I'm actually kinda laughing at myself, mocking my ability to see this through... maybe I'll need to implement some kind alternating painting plan to keep me motivated - paint some Warmachine, then paint some 40K... we'll see how it goes.
So here's my Cryx page, which I'll update with all the competed photos of my Cryx models!

Sync out.

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