Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cryx Colours - Wet Blending Practice

This style of blending seems more naturally appeals to me more, as opposed to other techniques I've read or seen, so here are some shots of my first attempts at wet blending on my Cryx - blends just using Cryx Bane Base up to Cryx Bane Highlight.

I'm really glad I bought Privateer Press' Cryx Colour Set. I prefer the paint consistency of the Formula P3 paints over the Citadel paints I'm used to - the paints are wetter, meaning it takes a few more coats to get a solid colour, but allows for wet blending of colours on the model.

I think it looks alright for a first attempt but still a long way to go. Practice makes perfect, and the large areas on the Bonejacks and Slayers should be a good proving ground.

Sync out.

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