Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cryx - Battlebox Assembled and Primed

Cleaned, assembled and based.
I finally found the time to get started on my Cryx, and first up was cleaning, assembling and then basing them - I managed to get all this done before nightfall, so I popped outside and got their undercoat done too.

First thing I noticed was that the contents of the Battle box were not on sprues, and that the pieces were in little baggies. So they just needed cleaning up - standard mould lines and sprue clip trimming.

The models themselves I think are fantastic - Warwitch Deneghra is in a great commanding pose, and the Slayer came in enough bits so that I could give him a bit more of a menacing stride. The Bonejacks were also bigger than I thought, which was a cool surprise.

Freshly undercoated
Sync out.

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