Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Terrain - Trees

Khador Widowmakers seek concealment in a forest
Trees and forests are a great looking terrain feature, and I personally feel that greenery and foliage really help bring the table-top to life.
A while back a buddy gave me a set of trees, and I thought it was time to get them table-top ready!

Like my Modular Hills, I wanted my forest to be able to be reconfigured for different landscapes. I think that versatile terrain pieces are important as different games and game sizes require very different terrain set ups.
So I had 4 smaller trees and 2 large trees - I decided I'd base them each individually, and use the smaller trees to mark the corners of the 'forest area' with the large trees as purely decorative features within the forest.

Materials - unknown brand of scenic trees, and 30mm bases
1. Glue the trees onto the bases
2. Sand up the bases
3. Paint the basing, and add some flock.
I also stuck a 10c piece under the base to add some weigh to it.
4. Get it on the table!

Sync out.

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