Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Terrain - Barricades

Khador Widowmakers take cover behind make-shift fortifications
After reading through the Warmachine Rulebook I decided that I needed some form of barricades to provide Cover.
Again, I wanted versatile pieces that would look appropriate across a range of battlefields - from grass plains to ruined cities, something along the line of makeshift barricades, using walls and/or sandbags.

I'd been through all the options from Games Workshop (which is the most accessible range to me) and a few ranges online but nothing really jumped out at me - mostly because they were way more than I was willing to spend.

Image taken from eBay listing
I managed to find a great range of options on eBay, and stumbled on this fantastic find - $5 for 7 pieces of terrain, and exactly the style I was looking for. It was too good to be true, and once I received the items I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised. Apart from a few casting imperfections, which given the price should be expected, they ready to be painted and put onto the table-top!

I'm not going to really go through a step-by-step, but here are my progress shots:

Barricades, straight out of the post satchel
Washed and highlighted, ready for the table-top
Khador Widowmakers take cover behind make-shift fortifications

Sync out.

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