Monday, January 2, 2012

Painting Competition!

My local gaming club runs a painting challenge through the year. There are six rounds, each round lasting two months, and the category for each round is randomly selected.
As Warmachine and Hordes are difficult to categorise in general wargaming terms of Historical/Fantasy or Modern/Sci-Fi, it was decided that to simplify entries, Hordes would be Fantasy and Warmachine would be Modern.

My Skorne Warpack - my first Hordes army!
Round One for 2012 was selected as Historical/Fantasy Monster - perfect for Hordes Warbeasts! With a lot of new Warmachine and Hordes players joining the club this year, I thought I'd step up and represent Privateer Press - and since my Christmas present this year was all about Hordes, it was the perfect opportunity to enter!

Titan Gladiator - straight out of the box
So, these are my registration photos - I'll be entering my Skorne Titan Gladiator, and I've got until February 23rd to get it done, which shouldn't be a problem. I'm not really too concerned with winning or anything - the club has some fantastic painters and hobbyists! But like my philosophy on wargaming, I'm going to have some fun and proudly represent WarmaHordes! :)

Sync out.

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