Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 More Sleeps Til Christmas...

My safely packaged Hordes armies!
I mentioned earlier that I put through an order with Defiant Gaming for two 35-point Hordes armies - well I was very happy to come home yesterday to find that the package had arrived!

Inventory check. Not really, Defiant haven't gone wrong
before... I just wanted an excuse to look at my toys!
Last week when I put my order through, there were a few items that were out of stock. I wasn't really fussed, as Dan was still going to send me through the majority of the order which was in stock, and send the rest through when possible - so I wasn't expecting to receive my complete armies until next year sometime.
I was ecstatic to receive an email from Dan at Defiant Gaming, saying that he had gotten hold of the out of stock items, and I would be getting them just one day after receiving the majority of my order! Another example of Defiant's brilliant customer service!

Back in your box, and under the tree!
So I've received the bulk of my Christmas present this year with the rest arriving today. The wife allowed me to open the package to check that the order was correct (but I wasn't allowed to open the individual model boxes!) before putting the box under the tree. I did manage to take some sneaky photos, which will help to get me through until Christmas!

3 more sleeps!
Sync out.

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