Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas!

My Christmas present this year from my family is - you guessed it - toy soldiers! I've just put through an order with Defiant Gaming, for two complete 35-point Hordes armies!
If you've seen the 35-point Holiday Bundles offered by Privateer Press, have a go at carting them up at Defiant Gaming - they're cheaper even when including a set of premium Chessex Dice to replace the Privateer Press dice included in the bundles.
And to spread the love this Christmas, Defiant are having a Christmas sale, reducing their already low prices - great service, cheap prices and fast postage - what more could you want?

Season's Beatings!
I understand that as a wargamer, I'm impossible to shop for. My attention span jumps between game systems, armies within these game systems, and then units within these armies - how are my family supposed to keep up?
Well, I have an awesome wife. The standard protocol for my birthday and Christmas is my wife organises contributions from the family, then I get to go shopping with the collection!
It's really win-win for everyone - they don't have to try and figure out what to get me or bother going to get it, and I can get exactly what I want.

Give the gift of war
So with my wife, parents, brothers and in-laws all kicking in, I had enough (and then some) to get a 35-point Hordes army - but that was before Defiant spread the Christmas spirit and decided to have a Christmas sale!
Defiant's Christmas sale, combined with the excess from my Christmas money and a little bit I had saved up, I was able to get another 35-point Hordes army, and some paints on the top!

So stay tuned, PLENTY more Warmachine and Hordes action to come! 

Sync out.

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