Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Battle: Battlebox - Cryx vs. Khador

I wanted to run a practice game using my newly crafted terrain, to see how the rules played out and to learn how best to use terrain in play. So I set up a small battlebox game with the factions I had painted up - Cryx and Khador!

Khador Turn 1
 The Khador make Full Advances, with Sorcha trailing a few steps behind and casting Fog of War.

Cryx Turn 1
The two Deathrippers Full Advance, while the Slayer makes a Run. Deneghra successfully Arcs Crippling Grasp through the left Deathripper at the Destroyer, following up with Venom Arced through the same Deathripper at the Destroyer - causing no damage but leaving corrosion on the Destroyer. The Defiler Full Advances and hits the Destroyer with a Sludge Cannon attack for 4 damage.

Khador Turn 2
Sorscha discards Fog of War, as the terrain is already providing Concealment to the Khador. The Juggernaut and Destroyer advance, parting to allow Sorscha sight on the Cryx, with the Destroyer missing with his Bombard (I forgot to scatter the missed Bombard!).
Sorscha then casts Tempest at the Deathripper on her left, successfully hitting all the Cryx, knocking them down and damaging each of the units except the Slayer, and boosting the damage roll on Deneghra (Damage: Deathripper 4, Defiler 6, Deathripper 5, Deneghra 10).

Cryx Turn 2
With Sorscha exposed, Deneghra responds with an assault of her own. Deneghra, the Defiler and the Slayer shake knock down. Deneghra uses her feat, The Withering, before stepping back 2" to get out of range of Sorscha's deadly Tempest. Deneghra Arcs Venom through the Defiler, causing corrosion and a massive 14 boosted damage to Sorscha.
With Sorscha exposed and The Withering taking effect, the Defiler still manages to miss a Sludge Cannon attack on Sorscha.
The Slayer then charges the Juggernaut, and after a flurry of attacks with his Death Claws and Tusks, deals 14 damage to the Juggernaut (after the game I realised that I should have used his Special Attack - Death Claws, which would have caused a massive 22 damage, then bought additional attacks with the focus).

Khador Turn 3
Sorscha manages to shake corrosion, but the Destroyer doesn't - taking another point of damage. Sorscha casts her feat - Icy Gaze, which hits all the Cryx but Deneghra. With The Withering stealing her focus, Sorscha casts Tempest again which taps all her focus, but manages to damage and knock down all the Cryx 'jacks and disabling the Defilers Sludge Cannon (Damage: Slayer 1, Deathripper 5, Defiler 6, Deathripper 5).
The Destoyer moves to shield Sorscha, blocking Cryx line of sight on Sorscha, before shooting Bombard at the Deathripper on the left for 6 damage and disabling its Cortex and Arc Node.
The Juggernaut makes an attack with his Ice Axe on the Slayer, causing 9 damage and disabling the right Death Claw.

Cryx Turn 3
With the mighty Khador warjacks again shielding Sorscha, Deneghra makes a final assassination attempt.
Shaking stationary and knock down from the Defiler, Sorscha Arcs a boosted Venom spell through it - aiming at the Destroyer, however still managing to get Sorscha in the template, and further boosts the damage roll - which deals the final damage to Sorscha, winning the game for the Cryx.

I think that both sides had a roughly even amount of ranged spells and weapons, so when it became a ranged battle over the rough terrain, I thought it would be fairly even. But because Deneghra was able to fall back and Arc her spells through her Bonejacks, she was able to deal damage without putting herself in any danger. Sorscha on the other hand had to expose herself and be within range of the enemy in order to cast her spells. The activation sequence used in Khador Turn 3 was effective in resolving this issue though - a tactic of exposing Sorscha, casting with Sorscha, then sheilding her again allowed her to deal damage and remain protected. I'll make sure to remember that tactic for next time!

Another fun practice game - less referring to the rules and was able to understand and appreciate some basic tactics.
Sync out.

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