Sunday, December 18, 2011

Terrain - Craters

Compared to the hills I made last week, these were relatively easy - considering the pieces themselves are straight out of the box. I'm not sure what brand of craters these are, I picked them up on sale while on holiday earlier in the year - but they're very similar to Games Workshop's Moonscape (but less than half the price!).

These were pretty much just highlighted, flocked, and then stuck right on the table!

Sync's How To

Terrain Pieces (Citadel Moonscape is great!)
Static Grass (not pictured below)
Grey Paint (for grey coloured rocks)
White Paint

Large Brush
Packaging Sponge (not sure what this is called, but they come in Warmachine blisters!)

1. Dry-brush highlight the terrain pieces

This photo doesn't really look like I've done anything, but I started with
grey paint, and built up the highlights to white.
This is where I use the packaging sponge - after getting some paint on
the brush, I wipe the brush across the sponge until I have the right
amount on the brush for the level of highlighting I'm trying to get.
This photo might be better - on the left is a highlighted terrain piece,
on the right is the piece straight out of the package.

2. Add some static grass

This photo shows the highlighting above much better!
I opted for withered looking grass, as I wanted it to look as though the
greenery near the crater is dying. 

3. Get it on the table!

Sync out.

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