Friday, October 28, 2011

[40K] The Black March

The next army to get their finishing touches are my Black Legion Chaos Space Marines. They were the first army I bought into, as I was really drawn to the Chaos Space Marines because of the rich background and strong themes behind the army.

At those very early stages of my hobbying I wasn't really interested in wargaming, mainly just the painting and modelling elements - hence the units I bought don't make a particularly optimised list.
My initial purchase was the Battleforce, Chaos Terminators and Chaos Terminator Lord - just because I thought they looked cool.
I managed to pick up a bunch of other models second-hand or through trades, which I'll hopefully get around to finishing off some day.

So for now, my goal is just to finish off the units that I've almost completed, and hopefully one day I'll get around to starting on the other units I've acquired too.
This is the army page for my Chaos Space Marines - The Black March Army Page, which I'll keep updated with all my progress.

Sync out.

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