Monday, October 24, 2011

[40K] The Frozen Fists

The first army I'll be updating and adding to my blog are my Frozen Fists - a 1500 point Dark Angel army, more commonly known a Doublewing army. These guys are closest to complete, with just a few touch-ups and maybe a highlight to add here and there.
All the below information will be included in my Frozen Fists Army Page, and I'll be updating that page with all my progress.

The Frozen Fists 

A photo of my original Frozen Fists Army

The Frozen Fists are a counts as 1500 points Dark Angels Army. The army list is as follows:

Belial - Storm Bolter, Master-crafted Power Weapon
Venerable Dreadnought - Multi-melta, Dreadnought Close-combat Weapon + Stormbolter
Deathwing Terminator Command Squad - TH/SS/Apothecary, TH/SS, LC/LC, LC/LC, AC/CF
Deathwing Terminator Assault Squad - TH/SS, TH/SS, LC/LC, LC/LC, AC/CF
Deathwing Terminator Tactical Squad - SB/PW, SB/CF, SB/PF, SB/PF, SB/PF/CML
Deathwing Terminator Tactical Squad - SB/PW, SB/CF, SB/PF, SB/PF, SB/PF/CML
Ravenwing Assault Squad: 3 Bikes - 2 Meltaguns
Ravenwing Support Squad: Typhoon Landspeeder - Multi-melta, Typhoon Missile Launcher


The primary strike-force is lead by the Chapter Master Svalbard Isbjorn. With his ancient axe, Ruin, he leads the Frozen Fists forces into combat and brings a ferocious reckoning in the name of the Emperor to the reaches of the Imperium.

Always at his side, the Dreadnought battle-brother Magnus HrothgarMagnus served alongside Bear through countless missions, and it was through Bear's stubborn pride in combat that Magnus met his mortal end. It was Bear's guilt that ensured his honored place on the battlefield, but it was Magnus' own keen wit and sure temperament that earned his position in the Chapter's Council.

The pride and strength of the force, the battle-brothers - each one having proven this worth on the battlefield countless times, and each earning the finest armour and weaponry the Imperium can provide.

The Vanguard, lead by Sargeant Jhon Gunnar and his bikers. The few and the brave who venture into the unknowns of the battlefield. Accomplished riders and trusted battle-brothers all.

The Founding

In the monestary fortress of Eingard, in the middle of the Ice Wastes of Valhalla, the Chapter makes their home. The fortress is surrounded on all sides by rolling plains of snow and ice, stretching in all directions as far as the eye can see. Eingard stands as a solitary bastion of unmoving strength against the howling winds and unrelenting snow storms - a testament to the fearless, unyeilding might of the Frozen Fists. It is from the harsh environment of this world that the Fists recruit their bretheren.

The Ice Warriors of Valhalla are known across the Imperium for their feats of bravery, their tenacity in holding their ground against even the most hopeless odds, and their ability to suffer the most appalling casualties and never breaking.
These are qualities that bring pride to any warrior - Imperial Guard and Space Marine alike.

It is said that the Emperor himself, commanded that the best and bravest of these warriors be given his blessing. Combined with the gene-seed from the Dark Angel's and their Primarch of legend, Lion El'Jonson, these warriors would form the ranks of the brave and unyielding brotherhood of the Frozen Fist.

That honor still stands, and it is only the most steadfast and unwavering of soldiers that are recuited from the ranks of the Valhallan Ice Warriors Imperial Guard Regiments, to be tested as initiates for the brotherhood.
Once their loyaly, courage and combat skills are proven, they are rewarded with the greatest honour that can be bestowed upon a Valhallan. They are blessed with the gene-seed of Primarch Lion El'Jonson, and may proudly don the armour as a battle-brother of the Frozen Fist Space Marines.

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