Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Infinity - Initial Thoughts

After my first few games of Infinity at the local club, I thought I'd share some of my initial game play impressions. Keep in mind that I'm only just starting out, and there are still a lot of concepts I haven't got a grip on yet!

Active and Reactive Turns

This is a great concept that I believe has been implemented well in Infinity, and opens up another dimension of tactical gameplay. Sometimes the best offence is a good defence, and positioning your troops for AROs and abilities like Suppression is the strong option... although charging in guns blazing is still cool.
I'm sure there is still so much depth to this format that I need to learn, but my initial thoughts are - AWESOME.

Infinity Specific Terrain

Currently, my FLGS has an abundance of Citadel 40K Terrain, which I have found difficult to use for Infinity. We had apply house rules (can't draw LOF through full windows) and at times balance models precariously to ensure they are in cover. If we hadn't blocked the numerous windows, AROs would have been flying all over the place, and it would have been near impossible to reach objectives. We also missed a fair few AROs, as we didn't realise that models actually had LOF to each other during activations because of all the skulls and pointy things sticking out of the buildings.
Luckily, with the growing Infinity community at the LGS, the owner has opted to buy up a bunch of the official Micro Art Studio stuff - which should make gameplay much more enjoyable.

Perfect for Infinity - geometrically shaped terrain pieces!

Laser Pointer!

With LOF being such an important factor in the game, having a Laser Pointer is mandatory. Even if it just used to settle disputes, anything that moves the game forward amicably is a necessity as far as I'm concerned. I got one before hitting the FLGS last night, and it was the most useful tool on the table! Well, maybe the tape measure came first.

I haven't been really excited about a system in while, and I'm really optimistic about how our little Infinity community is growing. More Infinity action to come!
Sync out.

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