Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY - Infinity Tokens and Templates

I spent some time over the weekend finishing off my Infinity Tokens and Templates set. It took a good while, probably a whole morning if done in a solid block, but I'm pretty happy with the results.

Find all the downloadable templates and tokens here!

To make the templates, I followed this simple process:
  1. Print out the templates onto paper
  2. Stick the paper onto cardboard (I used cereal box cardboard - it's slightly stronger than Manila folder cardboard) using double-sided sticky tape. I used the double-sided tape to prevent warping caused by using glue
  3. Cover the paper with some clear book contact
  4. Cut out the templates!

To make the tokens, I followed this simple process:
  1. Print out the tokens onto paper
  2. Cover the paper with some clear book contact
  3. Cut out the tokens
  4. Using double-sided sticky tape, I stuck the tokens onto some old Mantic 25mm round bases I had lying around (which I had prepared earlier by spraying black)

The official templates and tokens from Micro Art Studios are quite expensive, and making them myself saved me a bit of cash which I can now spend on more toy soldiers!
Sync out.

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