Monday, April 22, 2013

Gorkamorka - Random Orkz

Slugga & Choppa Boyz
I had the urge to paint some Orkz on the weekend. Not sure why, though it's probably because a mate from my FLGS mentioned Gorkamorka. Also, sometimes you just feel like painting some Orkz, you know? I had a look through the Gorkamorka rules (free to download online: Da Roolz, Da Uvver Book), picked out a bunch of Orkz from the old Assault on Black Reach set I had lying around, and painted me some greenskins.

Probably proxy these plebby Orkz for the Drivers
This little paint-up has brought me to the realisation that I want to paint some of the Avatars of War Orcs I have lying around - so more greenskins to come!
Sync out.

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