Monday, January 21, 2013

Kings of War and Multibasing

Multibasing really suits the Kings of War ruleset. With the Big Battles, Big Armies motto of Mantic Games, multibasing has a lot of advantages:
  • Easier movement of units on the table-top
  • The potential to minimise the number of models you have to paint
  • Less difficulty in ranking up your models
  • More appreciation for the models beyond the first rank of troops
  • The freedom to create fantastic dioramas for your units
  • Easier transportation of models

Here are some examples of multibased units that Google Images found me (most just happened to be for Undead armies):

I'll definitely be pursuing the multibasing option for my Kings of War Dwarf army, mainly to minimise the number of models I have to paint. I mentioned previously this would be primarily a modelling project, and although I won't be aiming for anything as fancy as the fantastic examples above, I'm hoping that I'll be able to create an army I can be proud of, while still being functional on the table-top.

Sync out.

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