Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back into Wargaming... Again.

It's been a while since I've even picked up a paintbrush or rolled a die, but a few recent personal activities have led me back to wargaming, and creating another fantasy army.

After a long absence from the hobby, spent with my PS3 and PC, I watched The Hobbit with a group of friends (a movie thoroughly enjoyed by all) and I found the faint embers of my love for fantasy glowing a little brighter.

Shortly afterwards, Christmas was upon me - and my brother was kind enough to invite me to reactivate my World of Warcraft account and join his guild and their adventures in Azeroth. This process involved a Realm and Faction change to join him - and after seeing The Hobbit only a few days past, of course I made my Horde Tauren into an Alliance Dwarf.

Finally, Defiant Gaming - my local Australian stockist, just received a shipment of a brilliant new Dwarf box set from Avatars of War: Dwarf Ironshields.

Well, that settled it. I wanted to create a fantasy Dwarf army and I wanted to make the army for Mantic Games' Kings of War! Their latest edition is proving very successful, and growing in popularity on the success of their recent Kings of War Kickstarter Project, and with free online rules, free army lists and wonderful community support, what's not to like?
Thing is, I already have an Abyssal Dwarf army... I guess have a soft spot for the stunties!

More to follow - I've got an army list (almost) finalised, so I'll post that up once I've confirmed it. Hopefully I can keep my motivation and follow through with this project... unlike some of the other fizzled projects on my blog...
Sync out.

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