Friday, June 1, 2012

Sync's Silver Eagles

So, here’s what I did with an old Assault on Black Reach Space Marine I had lying around. The Silver Eagles are an existing Space Marine Chapter I found online, and since there I couldn't find any background or pictures, I thought I'd take some creative liberties.

I did fiddle with a few other colour schemes before settling on this. I found it quite difficult coming up with an original colour scheme. Well, at least I think it’s original – I haven’t seen any Space Marine chapter like this before, but then again I'm not too well versed on current Chapters of the Imperium.
Anyways, I seem to have misplaced my ‘box-o-marines’ but hopefully I’m able to find the rest of the squad before I finish painting the 5 marines I did find!

I'm pretty happy with how this guy turned out but I'll touch up the highlights, so more photos to come!
Sync out.

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