Monday, June 11, 2012

Corporation Assembled

In the above shot, we see the contents of the Corporation set. The left arms (gun supporting arms) are in the bag on the top left, and the bag on the right contains the parts to make the Corporation Sergeant (Sergeant Cruise).
The sprue on the left side has 3 special weapons (which don't have any impact in Project Pandora) and the 3 sprues on the bottom are for the heads.

The only thing to note about assembling these marines are the arms. There are 3 different variants of right arms, and 3 variants of left arms. Only one set of right arms matches to a corresponding set of left arms. Once you've sorted that out, it's fairly straight forward.

Looking at the completed result, you're able to make a nice variation of troops, and the Sergeant definitely looks unique amongst them. There is a spare head to use with the Sergeant as well, and I didn't fancy using the special weapon options for my marines.

That didn't take too long, so now it's onto the Veer-myn!
Sync out.

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