Wednesday, February 15, 2017

[KoW] Filthy Moon Tribe

The urge to paint fantasy models has been gnawing at me, so after a long hiatus from the hobby, I picked up the brush and painted (well, repainted) a regiment of goblins I had lying around.

These are the old goblins from the Battle for Skull Pass set for WHFB, which I think are great for getting a lot of great looking infantry tabletop ready quickly.

I originally had these models painted with a MUCH darker colour scheme, which is how I envisioned my goblin army to be, but I think they were a little too dark for the tabletop.
So I added a little more colour with the purple spears, and added a lot more colour in the dirty yellow moons.

Original colour scheme on the left, versus the new colour scheme on the right

With about 120 more models to repaint in this colour scheme, I've got my fingers crossed I have the drive to finish off the entire army!

Sync out.