Monday, December 2, 2013

[Pan Oceania] Military Orders - Jotums WIP

My Jotums arriving from HobbyHub (note that wasn't the price I paid!)
Here in Australia, we don't have Black Friday sales - so when HobbyHub had a massive sale on their Infinity range, I just HAD to jump in. I've always liked the look of Jotums, and when I saw him on sale, he just had to be mine!
Being a Military Orders player, Jotums has no place in my lists - however given his heavily armoured look (even for a TAG), I thought proxying him for a Seraph wasn't too far of a stretch.

All the pieces out of the box

After about two hours work, he's assembled and ready for mayhem

After my plastic Malifaux assembly, working with metals again seemed a bit of a chore

But in the end, the awesomeness of the model is definitely worth it!
Sync out.

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