Tuesday, April 9, 2013

To Infinity... AND BEYOND!

It was only a matter of time before I got into Infinity... it fits my wargaming preferences (skirmish games) and I think the models are absolutely fantastic.
The only reason I hadn’t gotten into Infinity before was that I wouldn’t have anyone to play with. Not that that reason ever really stopped me from buying and painting models before, but I already have MERCS as my sci-fi skirmish game. The difference now is, my FLGS has a small community blossoming for this game – and that was pretty much all the excuse I needed to get into Infinity.

I mentioned in a previous post that my wife had given me some birthday money to spend, with the stipulation that I need to use the cash to start a brand new army. Well, I decided I’d start a Pan Oceania army for Infinity!

So I’ve bought up some boxes and models, already started painting them up (I’ll post photos soon), and I thought that I’d make a few notes on my journey to Infinity... AND BEYOND.


Infinity is a low model count game, with a tournament sized army having 10-15 models required. I think that low model count games, that are still able to give a very tactical gameplay experience, are fantastic, and Infinity is shaping up to be just that.
Low model counts mean less models to buy (a cheaper entry cost into the game) and less models to get table-top ready means that having a fully painted army isn't too far out of reach.

Free Rules, Tutorial Videos, Scenarios, Templates and Tokens

Can a company make entry into their game any easier? Free rules, scenarios, templates and tokens available to download free from the website, is a fantastic move in the right direction. There is also the option for official Templates and Tokens from Micro Arts Studios, as well as Full Colour Rulebooks.
They have also provided tutorial videos on youtube for some of the basic concepts and faction background. +1 Infinity!  Find the free Infinity Downloads here.

Terrain... Lots of terrain

This is probably the biggest barrier of entry into Infinity. I guess the money that you save buying models for your army you can spend on terrain, and there are lots of options for great Infinity terrain pieces, including official terrain pieces from Micro Art Studio. I’ll list a few of my recommendations, though I’m sure there are plenty more.

Oh, there’s also the papercrafting terrain option, and you can’t go past Toposolitario for his free papercraft options!

More Infinity to come... stay tuned!
Sync out.

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