Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Change of Plan

After a short overseas holiday, I returned home to find an unfortunate change in my schedule - due to family commitments, I won't be able to be part of the LGS's Malifaux League! The league runs on Tuesday nights, which I will no longer be available for. And after painting all those Malifaux models! Cest la vie...

Well, the good news is that the LGS is also running a WM/H League on Wednesday nights - which I am available for! I could use my existing Cryx and Khador, but this is great a opportunity to take advantage of the league motivation, and get my unpainted Mercs army table-top ready! So I dusted them off and have spent the last week assembling and painting that like a madman! I'll get some photos up soon.

So I'll be hitting the LGS tonight for some WM/H action - first night of the league will be 15 point Highlander format, and I'll post an update (and hopefully some photos) tomorrow.

Sync out.

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