Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Special Operations: Killzone

After spending the last few months painting through Warmachine, and now Hordes, I have developed a thirst to paint some sci-fi - 40K in particular.
40K, and army wargames in general, are great, but I just don't have the time to invest in building them anymore.
I've found that good skirmish games have the same tactical depth, but with lower model count - meaning cheaper forces and less time required for army building. The games are usually quicker as well, and still provide me with the same level of enjoyment.

Anyways, a quick browse online lead me to Kill Team - a 40K based skirmish game that had been released during the 4th Edition of 40K. A little more browsing took me to a fan-developed and community driven evolution of the system - Special Operations: Killzone, posted by Big Jim at Galaxy in Flames.

Special Operations: Kill Zone

Killzone Rulebook - a supplementary rule set which builds upon the established 40K rules.
Codex: Operatives - a codex specifying the troop restrictions that can be taken from each 40K Army Book, as well as some Killzone specific abilities and wargear.

After reading page 2 of the Rulebook I was hooked - "To be a man in such times is to one amongst uncounted billions... but there are moments when the actions of just one man can recalibrate the entire merciless Universe." A narrative-driven 40K skirmish game - perfect!

So I spent yesterday evening going through my substantial collection of neglected 40K models (the perfect excuse to get them painted!) reading over army lists and going through codexes.

More Killzone action to come!
Sync out.

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  1. Does anybody have a copy of the Codex Operatives? (as the main links are all dead now)
    I'm really interested in seeing this, even if it would need updating due to new Codex's etc - I just want too experience the concept behind it.

    Thanks :D