Sunday, December 1, 2013

Secret Weapon - Asian Garden Bases Review

I meant to do a little review on the Secret Weapon Asian Garden Bases I ordered for my Malifaux Masters of the Path Crew, but in my excitement to assemble the crew, I forgot!
Well, better late than never! Here are some snaps of the Asian Garden Round-Lipped Bases I picked up for my Masters of the Path Crew:

30mm bases (what was left after assembling my crew box)
40mm bases
50mm base (I believe this is variant 1 of 3 different bases)
30mm, 40mm, 50mm

Now I generally do my own basing, using various hobby supplies, but we're in the middle of a move right now and I can't find any of my supplies! So I thought I'd take the opportunity to try the product out, and after assembling my crew with these bases, I can say that I'm not disappointed.
There's a lot of detail on these that I could not have replicated with my hobby supplies (even if I could find them) and they're all consistently thematic - this range has bamboo paths, raked sand and a few stones.
I should point out that there is a little bit of resin flash, but nothing a lightly-dragged hobby knife can't remove.
I'm very happy with the product, and will probably look at basing all my models (for skirmish games anyway) with similar resin base products in the future.

Sync out.

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