Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CNC Miniatures Scenery Dice Tower - Review

I've always been a fan of dice towers, though I know that there are gamers that prefer not to use them. I personally think that dice towers are great if done properly - they can work well as thematic pieces of terrain on the tabletop, and at the same time provide a means for rolling dice fairly without risk of rolling off the table or worse - causing damage to miniatures!

So, I asked Underground Wargames to order me in one of CNC Miniature's Dice Towers and they added it to their store for me - which I think is pretty awesome.


Fairly standard - sprues come shrink wrapped

Sprues, plus a sheet of instructions (which are essential for this product)

Close-up of the joins - this was a major pain point.
Getting the pieces off the sprues wasn't easy!


This was much more difficult to put together than the other CNC products I've
done before, and is quite obviously one of the older products from CNC.
The finished product allows the dice tray to detach from the body for easy transport.


I now know that this product is made with somewhat outdated technology, but I guess I was unaware of that when purchasing it. Compared to my previous experience with the CNC Scenery products, I found this rather disappointing.
  • 'Clipping' the pieces from the sprues was significantly more difficult and time consuming than it was with the newer range of products from CNC Scenery
  • Once clipped from the sprue, the pieces did not slot together as smoothly as I'd like - during assembly there were times when I felt an unreasonable amount of force was required to slot the pieces together
  • The functionality of the dice tower itself is great - you can watch the dice tumble and roll multiple times after striking several surfaces, ensuring a fair result, and after quite a number of tests not once did a die tumble out of the tray
In hindsight, now having knowledge of the materials used in the product and effort required to construct it, I wouldn't buy this piece again. It's priced quite high compared to the other CNC products (I could have gotten a great looking sci-fi building for less), and significantly more difficult to put together than the newer products.

Sync out.

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