Thursday, November 28, 2013

[Malifaux] Masters of the Path - Assembled and Undercoated

Recently, the only models I have assembled have been metals, and I have to say it was a real pleasure to switch back to working with plastics! I just find plastics a lot easier to work with - easier to trim and glue together.
I have to say that I'm really impressed with the new Malifaux plastic sets and that the Wyrd Games team has really brought their models to the next level with this new line. The detail is fantastic and the sprues are very well done.
Oh, this is my first time using resin bases for my models (previously I had always made my own basing for models), mostly because we're still in the middle of a move and I have no idea which box in the hallway has my basing supplies. I went with Secret Weapon's Asian Garden bases to go with the Ten Thunders faction, and am pretty happy with these as well.

Next up, it's time to get some paint on these bad boys!
Sync out.

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